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Easing Grief

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Finding Meaning By Serving Loved Ones Who Have Died

Lynn Stull

Lynn Stull, Founder of Arts2Thrive LLC,
Creator of Easing Grief

Thank you for visiting my website. I am truly sorry for your loss. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the recent death of a loved one I hope that Easing Grief can give you hope that your life is still worth living.

Despite all the professional accomplishments I have been able to achieve, at the end of the day I am a human being similar to you in that someone that I love dearly died. I know of nothing that takes the pain of grief away. But I do know how I eased my grief.

It’s been over 18 years since my daughter died. My path of healing is ongoing and continues to evolve. Over the years I have always felt that it was important to be pro-active in my grieving process. With a deep commitment to my daughter, I intensified by study of the spiritual world and found the indications by Rudolf Steiner, a scientist and philosopher, of how one could be of service to those who have died by reading to them in a very specific way. This foundational practice of reading to my daughter led me on a journey or renewal and healing, and eventually to creating Easing Grief.

The holistic tools and practices that I outline and demonstrate in the Easing Grief Home Study Program have changed my life. I still miss my daughter — that won’t ever go away. However, through these tools and practices I now know that my life has purpose and meaning.  Easing Grief Home Study Program is designed to be used in the privacy of your own home. You can view the video’s and do the exercises at your own pace. If you have any questions at all you can reach me personally via email or by phone.

Easing Grief Home Study Program is for you if:

*the relationship you have with your loved one is special and unique

*being of service to your loved one is intriguing to you

*you have a devotional heart

*you have a willingness to take the time and be engaged with the Easing Grief tools

*you prefer to be private about your pain and sadness regarding your loved one’s death

Easing Grief Home Study Program is not for you if:

*you want an easy way of easing your grief

*you don’t believe in God

*you are looking for a support group

Easing Grief is NOT about forgetting our loved ones who have died

Downloadable Now: The Easing Grief Program is immediately downloadable and consists of Six Modules, including 12 Instructional Videos and supporting PDF materials.  The pricing on the shopping cart page reflects the downloadable version.

DVD’s and printed materials are available for an extra charge of $35. This $35 charge defrays the costs of the DVD’s & printed materials and the shipping & handling. If you prefer this option proceed to the shopping cart page. Purchase the program. Then email me directly at requesting the DVD’s and printed materials. You will then get a separate paypal invoice for the $35.  Email any questions to

Here’s what you’ll learn in Your Easing Grief Home Study Program:

*How to Create a Journal to Support Your Work

*The Basics of Safely Communicating with Your Loved One

*Step by Step Process of Creating an Effective Reading Practice Which Nourishes Loved Ones

*Safe and Conscious Collaboration with Those Who Have Died

*Colors that Bring Us Closer to Loved Ones

*Eurythmy: Gentle Movement that Your Loved Ones Can See and be Nourished By

*What Your Loved One is Experiencing in the Spiritual World

*How to Sustain this Work in Everyday Life

Easing Grief, is a revolutionary product that will change how you think about your loved one who has died. I invite you to view the following video that I created just for you. The video will tell you a little more about me and give you some video clips from some of the modules.

When you are ready, I invite you to join me on this journey:

Easing Grief Program Materials

*Six Modules, including 12 videos and PDF’s*
are available for immediate download.

About Lynn Stull

Lynn Stull, creator of Easing Grief, is the founder of Arts2Thrive (, a creative arts practice helping professionals and teams form better connections through art and movement. As an award-winning artist and a professionally trained eurythmist, Lynn is passionate about inspiring others to connect through creativity.

She created Easing Grief to support those in grief and guide them on a journey of renewal and healing through the use of the holistic tools and practices she has used in her own journey following the death of her daughter in 1997.

Lynn’s first book Wonders At The Veil, A Revolutionary Approach of Thinking About Your Loved One Who Has Died is now available at:

Please note: Lynn Stull is not a medical professional. She is teaching solely what experiences have alleviated her pain and grief after the death of her daughter. This program is not suitable for people who are in severely depressed or psychologically unstable. Please seek the advise and care of a medical professional. Easing Grief, Finding Meaning by Serving Loved Ones Who Have Died is a copyrighted product and service of Arts2Thrive.

“Human freedom may choose whether or not to seek and maintain a conscious relationship with the dead. Nothing, either from within or from without, compels it. It is a deed of purest love.” Albert Steffen (1884 -1963)

Receive FREE: 8 Steps for Creating a Spiritual Reading Practice Easing Grief Blog

Shannon ArnoldWhen someone we love dies, we can feel overwhelmed by our grief, feeling lost and unsure of how to be and what to do, and deeply missing someone dear to our heart. Lynn Stull’s self-study e-course, Easing Grief, offers practical tools and exercises to help you navigate the unfamiliar waters of grief and establish a new connection with your loved one. The depth, authenticity and heart of Lynn’s commitment to this important work shines through every part of this beautiful course. I’m so impressed with the quality and generosity of the materials and how Lynn presents her own embodied experience with the artistic, meditative and movement art practices she shares. I can think of no warmer guide than Lynn and this Easing Grief e-course to support you in finding hope, renewed connection and openings for healing your grieving heart.

Shannon Jackson Arnold, author, Flowering Wisdom: Inspiring Thoughts on Life, Love and Blooming

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