May 6 Talk: Time of Christ, Collaboration, and Painting

Join me this Friday, May 6th as I share the spiritual practice of why now is the time in our spiritual evolution to lift the veil between ourselves and our loved ones who have died.

In this interactive talk we will:
*Look at why it was not appropriate for those at the time of Christ to have contact with the dead and why now it is essential
*Learn practical activities to safely engage and serve your loved one
*Listen for clues as to where they might be in their spiritual journey
*Identify the five steps for collaboration
*Do a painting exercise which will bring us closer to the spiritual world

Sponsored by The Emmaus Branch of the Anthroposophical Society
Hi Mount House
2118 N. Hi Mount Blvd.
Milwaukee, WI
Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Talk will begin at 7 p.m.

This is the first in the Matters of Life and Death, a Seeds for a Fruitful Life series.
These events are free and open to the public.
Your donations, however, will help ensure the future of such opportunities.

Don’t live in the Milwaukee area? Please contact me about bringing this talk to your organization or city:

Now is the time in our spiritual evolution to lift the veil between us and our loved ones who have died.


Extra Life Forces for Spiritual Work

Extra Life Forces

Hello Brave One,

When a child or young adult dies they bring with them into the spiritual world the extra life forces that would have enabled them to live out a normal lifespan. Veil Work helps to direct those extra life forces into acts of Goodness.

cropped watercolor veil

Truth, Beauty and Goodness,


By Lynn Stull|September 28th, 2015

Interactive Workshop

Held by Sophia

Dear Friends,

This Sunday, November 2 and next Saturday, November 8th I will be leading an interactive workshop:  Creating a Living Relationship with Loved Ones Who Have Died based on the spiritual practices taught in the Easing Grief Home Study Program. These practices are designed to empower and educate and the only requirement for attendees is a devotional heart and willingness to do the work.

The content is the same for each workshop. Just different dates, times and locations. If you are in the Milwaukee area — please feel free to join us.

I would love to bring this work to your community. Please contact me if you are interested in hosting me in your community. This workshop can be held any time of the year.

Here’s the information for the upcoming workshops:

Center for Well-Being Lake Country
Hartland, WI
Sunday, November 2, 2014
1pm – 5pm

Lake Country Unitarian Universalism Church
Hartland, WI 53029
Saturday, November 8, 2014
9am – 1pm

Below are what workshop participants can expect to learn:

• Why now is the time in our spiritual evolution to create and nurture a conscious, living relationship with Loved Ones who have died.
• Specific steps for establishing a foundation of service for this relationship.
• How to create a journal that will support cultivating this living relationship.
• Basic communication and languaging techniques.
• A color exercise that takes one to the spiritual threshold.
• An eurythmy movement exercise that the deceased can see and read.

Now is the time in our evolution to develop a conscious, living relationship to our loved ones who have died.  I hope you agree.

Lynn Stull
Founder of
Creator of Easing
Easing Grief is an online home study program (14 videos, PDF downloads, Resources) designed to empower, educate, and support those who are interested in deepening their connection with their loved one who has died.

Lynn Stull, creator of Easing Grief,, is the founder of Arts2Thrive,, a creative arts practice helping professionals and teams form better connections through art and movement. As an award-winning artist and a professionally trained eurythmist, Lynn is passionate about inspiring others to connect through creativity.

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Invite COLOR Into Your Spiritual Practice

Shortly after establishing my spiritual reading practice with my loved ones who had died, I received an impulse to pick up one of my daughter’s crayons and to color. The sound of the crayon across the paper was quite soothing and is still fresh in my memory.

My soul, my feeling life, became quite numb after my daughter’s death. Developing a spiritual relationship with color invited a kind of movement into my soul. And I also found the more I studied and experienced the spiritual nature of colors my relationship with my loved ones developed in a new way. Looking back it was another doorway which opened expanding my capacity to communicate with them. I know the impulse to explore color was a gift from them. Somehow they knew how much my soul would be nourished by color and the exploration of colors was an activity that we could participate in together.

Additionally it is helpful to know that the spiritual beings, particularly the Third Hierarchy – the Archai, Archangels, and Angels, are connected to color and your interest in color delights this spiritual hierarchy, as well as, your loved ones.

It is easy to start to cultivate this relationship to color. Begin to notice color in your life: in the clouds at sunrise or sunset, the flowers in your garden, or the eyes of your friend or lover. Where does color catch your attention? Check in and notice how you feel towards all the different colors that come to meet you in this day. How do these colors move your soul?

In the Easing Grief Home Study Program I speak to the specific colors and offer color exercises that support creating a living relationship with those who have died.

Now is the time in our evolution to develop a conscious, living relationship to our loved ones who have died. I hope you agree.

Lynn Stull
Founder of
Creator of Easing
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